Second day in Zagreb

The Living Archive starts with development of the methodology for all stations within the Bring IN Take OUT platform. The stations include: Mind Map of the Feminist Art and Feminisms in the (Trans)Yugoslav space by Lina Dokuzovic, Audio/Video Booth, Digital Oven, Perpetuum Mobile, Reading Room, Artists Talks, presentation of the feminist publications and so much more.

Warmed up with the energy coming from the REDacting TransYugoslav Feminisms: Women’s Heritage Revisited conference we embrace wide feminist knowledge and creativity hoping that this Living Archive will contribute to better understanding of the feminist art and feminisms in the (trans) Yugoslav space.

Today we had first Artist Talks with Lina Dokuzović and Nika Autor.

Join us tomorrow for artist talks with Ana Čigon, Flaka Haliti, Lana Čmajčanin, Red Min(e)d on Milijana Babić, Sandra Dukić, Ana Baraga and Red Min(e)d on Andreja Dugandžić.

See some pictures online!