Red Min(e)d says thx to …

Dear friends and LA collaborators,

It was a great joy to share with you dynamic and co-creative journey of the first LA edition back-to-back with the event: REDacting TransYugoslav Feminisms in Zagreb which got-together all those thoughtful, creative, moving, wonderful feminists, scholars, activists, cultural workers, artists, students and many others who stand for the feminist ideas and struggles, their common knowledge and practices across postYugosav space.

Red Min(e)d worked hard for Bring in Take out – Living Archive to happen and it did! There were problems and solutions, there was fatigue and excitement, fast decision to be made and some improvisations, which made our common archive, above all, sustainable and alive. Finally, it was a great relief when on the last evening we shared our views on the LA start up and agreed that the solidarity we felt among each other, mutuality and friendship was our ultimate success. We could have not done it without your support, love and dedication to stand for same needs and values.

With each new edition, trough the common space and time, continuous collaborative work and socially transformable love and friendship, we want to emerge the LA as a feminist public good and we can do it only together!

On the LA website: you can already find some great interviews, audio recordings, presentations, quotations, artist talks, photos and information. More LA materials in different formats will be posted soon.

Please, listen and enjoy and if you did not already, fill and distribute the online questionnaire because it is important to co-create the emancipating and live knowledge of the LA jointly!

We also invite you to follow up the LA platform, to share it and to further participate in it with your
feedbacks, information, reflections, proposals.

Thank you with all our hearts, thank you for giving us the stamina to be even better!

lots of love from