It is not too late to visit Living Archive in Ljubljana

On the last day of the Bring In Take Out Living Archive in Ljubljana we will present artists who contributed their video works in Perpetuum Mobile Station, which will be the part of the exhibition until March 23 at the Alkatraz Gallery.

Tina Smrekar (Ljubljana), Vahida Ramujkić (Belgrade) and Vesna Bukovec (Ljubljana) will speak about their work starting at 5 PM.

From 8:30 PM onwards Ana Čigon (Ljubljana) and Adela Jušić (Sarajevo) will present their work.

We’ll also show Real Time Documentary Embroidery made by participants of the Red Dawns festival with artists Vahida Ramujkić (Belgrade) and Aviv Kruglansky (Barcelona).

At the Alkatraz Gallery the Bring In Take Out Living Archive  will be open until March 23 (gallery is open from Monday to Thursday: 11 AM – 3 PM & 4 PM to 8 PM, Friday: 3 PM – 11 PM)

Exhibition GOSTIKulacije by the artist Margareta Kern (London) is on display until Wednesday, March 14 in Kapelica Gallery (gallery is open between 10 AM-5 PM).

Video, audio and photo documentation of the Bring In Take Out Living Archive events and interviews with the contributing artists is daily actualized on the website. Welcome to visit the galleries and the web!

Curatorial collective Red Min(e)d would like to thank all the artists, visitor, colleagues and supporters for engagement. We are looking forward meeting you in Sarajevo (Summer 2012) and in Vienna (October 2012)!