Thank you from Ljubljana!

Dear friends,

It has been quite a while since Bring In Take Out Living Archive – Lljubljana. We would finally like to share some thoughts and a glimpse of emotions with you. With each new edition of the Living Archive we are trying to maximize the great moment of knowledge-share that happens before, especially during and hopefully after the event. Above all we are thanking you for your input and collaboration from which we always learn and get empowered for our everyday battles – with or without a red lipstick :-).

Meanwhile we also improved our website so don’t hesitate to check it again, especially for some video interviews and documentation. Some parts are still in progress such as the ‘artist and collaborators’ section for example. Our aim is to make an in-depth artist list with short bio statements and descriptions of works or contributions. It might happen we will contact you for that reason.

Red Min(e)d is now actively working on Sarajevo and Vienna editions, and is focused on fundraising for the following editions in the region and beyond. We are continuously interested for Perpetuum Mobile to grow, and especially in Sarajevo we would like to focus on Perpetuum Mobile screenings. So if you have any video or know for some friend’s video please do let us know or just send it to us (see open call above).

In case you catch some time please fill in or spread to all interested and interesting people our Questionnaire.
This knowledge sharing platform is not only one of the key elements of each LA edition; it also keeps the feminist knowledge alive and up to date.

And last but not least any feedback is welcome, especially of the things you think we should improve or change.

Looking forward to stay in touch. Yours,

Red Min(e)d