Living Archive — Moving towards Sarajevo Edition

The Red Min(e)d is pleased to announce the 3rd edition of The Bring In Take Out Living Archive that will be held from 27th until 30th September in Sarajevo.

With this edition, Red Min(e)d wishes to challenge the meaning of commons through the process of reflecting, articulating and building a social space by architectural, artistic and curatorial means. Inside the former army base Josip Broz Tito that was in the meantime transformed into the Sarajevo University Campus, we are setting a temporary object – the architectural artwork of Armina Pilav back to back with a playground – the collective artwork of Sarajevo based artists where and around where 3rd edition will happen. Through the sound performance by Irena Tomažin as well as the Curatorial Forum involving local and international speakers ( Antonia Majača, Valentina Pellizzer, Lala Raščić, Jelena Vesić, Amila Puzić and Anja Bogojević among others), the Living Archive, accompanied by its permanent stations – The Reading Room, Perpetuum Mobile and the LA lab – continues to work towards the creation of the common ground for voicing out emerging subjects.

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The programme is coming soon!