Call for the workshop Re:making Our City starts on 11th September 2012


The workshop will be lead by an architect Armina Pilav and will take place from 11th until 27th of September 2012. It is an open workshop to all citizens and interested students from faculty of architecture, fine arts, sociology, landscape, etc.

During the workshop the ex military area is going to be observed as part of the overall Sarajevo urban context in past and present. Kiosk will serve not only as an experimental object for urban recycling and the reuse of different materials, but also as a common space for the imagination and creation of new urban scenarios, as well as a metaphor of a new city.

The workshop will start on 11th September at 10:00 am. The meeting for all interested will be held inside University Campus in front of the Human Right Center of the University of Sarajevo.

Application for the workshop participation can be done here, or at the first workshop meeting or via e mail:

Workshop location visit and preliminary working program will be presented during the first meeting.

Download: Re:making Our City invitation