Program for the Sarajevo Edition is Now Launched

Inside the Sarajevo University Campus (the former army complex Maršal Tito) the Living Archive is setting up a temporary object – the CRVENA Kiosk – an architectural project by Armina Pilav – along with the CRVENA playground – a collective artwork by Sarajevo-based artists where both urban projects of the 3rd LA edition will happen.

Through the sound performance by Irena Tomažin, the Curatorial Forum (involving local and international speakers: Vesna Hercegovac-Pašić, Antonia Majača, valentina hvale pellizzer, Lala Raščić, Jelena Vesić, Amila Puzić and Anja Bogojević), and the LA Exhibition LAB with its permanent stations: the Reading Room (with a book presentation of and by Belma Bećirbašić), the Perpetuum Mobile with video screenings and other LA works, as well as the Audio/Video Booth, where artist talks and interviews with LA Sarajevo artists and curators will be documented (Adela Jušić, Lala Raščić, Maja Bajević, Margareta Kern…) – the movement towards new practices, experiences and knowledge continues, thereby shaping the politically engaged space of the living archive.

The program is now available here

The programme is also available for download