Join the 3rd Day of LA Sarajevo!

You can follow via LIVE STREAMING

LA Exhibition LAB: 

12:00-19:00: Perpetuum Mobile video compilation screening (various artists)
Perpetuum Mobile documentation in audio/textual/visual formats

13:00 Reading Room Talk

Belma Bećirbašić (Sarajevo): The Body, Femininity and Power (Reading Room)

14:00 Artist talks

with Lala Raščić (Sarajevo, New Orleans, Zagreb), Ana Baraga (Ljubljana)

16:00 − 19:00 Curatorial Forum

16:00-17:30 Anja Bogojević and Amila Puzić (Mostar, Sarajevo)Public Space as a Thought Lab / Contemporary Cultural and Artistic Practices as Strategies of Critical Rethinking and Acting Within Public Space

17.30h – 19.00h valentina hvale pellizzer (Vibo Valentia, Sarajevo): check or .us?

Thanx to:  EFM Student Radio
 and Center for Cultural and Media Contamination