Join the Belgrade LA Lab!

Red Min(e)d presents:

The Bring In Take Out Living Archive – Belgrade LA Lab 

at the BeFem Festival

December 2nd, 2012, from 2 pm to 6 pm
KC Grad – European Center for Culture and Debate
Braće Krsmanović Street # 4 / 2nd floor, Belgrade

During the one-day laboratory the Red Min(e)d collective will present previous LA editions held in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sarajevo and Vienna, and open a public discussion on the relation between the emancipatory  politics of feminism and the contemporary art in the post-Yugoslav time and space. It functions as a place where social processes and everyday practices unite and diverge, bridging the gap between the present and past in the act of constructing and actualizing possible futures. As part of this event the following LA stations will be presented: Perpetuum Mobile, Audio/Video Booth and Reading Room. In addition artists Vahida Ramujkić (Belgrade),  Andreja Kulunčić (Zagreb) i Milica Tomić (Belgrade) will present their works, which are part of the Perpetuum Mobile archive.


14.00h – 15.45h Living Archive presentation by Red Min(e)d and discussion
16.00h-16.30h Andreja Kulunčić: Women.Index, artist talk
16.30h-17.00h break
17.00h-17.30h Vahida Ramujkić: Documentary Embroidery, artist talk
17.30h-18.00h Milica Tomić: This Is Contemporary Art, artist talk

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