Museum of Non Participation: The Patriarchal Clock

Sunday, October 13
11 p.m. – 7 a.m. – 
Museum of Non Participation: The Patriarchal Clock – forum discussion 
Karen Mirza and Rachel Anderson


Scripting the body, no thought, act, move, step into, step up, freeze, hold, follow an internal movement, a twist of a wrist, the weight of the left side of the body on one hip, the pressure of skin, the reaching of a hand, half open, angled, caught. Reflecting on the pedagogy of resistance and women’s bodies, I have become obsessed by images of women being dragged across the street in the 68 (anti war movement) in Grovensor Square, London. The images of grainy black and white archival material was the start of our conversation about unattached militant feminists and the forces of oppression.

My name is Daku Rani, Bandit, Fugitive, Witch, Hex, Dreamer.

The revolution wont be led by red flags and the sound of Bella Ciao. It will come like a flood in the night, with boundless power and uncatchable form, with inconsistence and unpredictability, it will speak with an invisible voice in a language we wont understand because we never listened before, It will not see us, it won’t obey our rational demands or follow the path we prepared for it, it will swell and burst, It will be appaling, misplaced and wreckless, it will prioritise the wrong values, it will dance to the wrong songs and laugh in the wrong places, it will be unreasonable, it will be angry, it will be untamable…


What does it mean for women to gather at the edge of the day, under the blanket of the night and the watch of the moon. Suspicions are reactivated of the historical persecutions of witch hunts which served to destroy communal relationships, forwarded the privatisation of land, the privatisation of life of social reproduction and served the destruction of the commons.

Women are invited to stay overnight. Come as you are, bring comfortable clothes, cushions and bedding so you can rest when you want to, your children are welcome to sleep over. We will provide some food but bring some for yourself or to share if you like. We will provide some prompts for conversation and some activities which might be interesting; you can also bring something to share if you like.

Karen Mirza is a contemporary artist based in London and Istanbul. She has been collaborating with Brad Butler since 1998, and in 2004 formed, an artist-run space. Their practice is centred upon collaboration, dialogue and the social; early works emerged from their interest in seminal avant-garde film and since 2008 they have pursued a strain of practice entitled The Museum of Non Participation. This ongoing body of work confronts (non) participation and the socio-political in art works. Mirza and Butler have recently completed a new film, Deep State, and its companion work, Hold Your Ground. In Spring 2013 they presented a major solo exhibition at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, and December 2013 a solo exhibition Derin Devlet, Galeri NON, Istanbul.

Rachel Anderson is a freelance creative producer based in London UK.  She works part time as Producer, Collaborative Projects at Artangel where she develops site-specific works outside of the physical institution, collaborating with a broad range of artists, individuals and communities. Projects manifest in a range of different sites and situations and in varying forms including film, installation, performance and public interventions. She works predominately in London and the UK as well as managing International projects.