54th October Salon – Performance by Irena Tomažin

The Taste of Silence 

Sound performance 

Wednesday, 30th October
The Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Studio JDT, Kralja Milana 50
 Photo by Nada ŽgankIn her newest project Irena Tomažin once again uses the medium of voice and body as her tool(s) to tackle the themes of tradition, heritage and the status of voice(s) and images, which voice as a medium of oral tradition is carrying on, from one generation to the next. “In a way, we belong more to the past and to the tradition that – at first glance – seems to have faded away already; it also seems that we don’t belong to the present as much, the present that is supposed to be “the here and now.” But maybe the oral tradition that seems to have faded away with time, is only a display of its quiet, unobtrusive and ever-continuing presence. The voices, with which we speak, are the melodies of past orators. The present on the other hand – with its ubiquitous sounds – inscribes itself onto a body as a set of very different voices, with which we delineate the voices that are only to become (our) future oral traditions. Maybe this paradoxical time-loop can sometimes be caught in the duration of the voice within a single exhalation.”

In the first part of the process (2011), Irena Tomažin, Sabina Đogić and Andrej Kocan filmed five encounters with selected interpretors / authors and performers of folk music: Ljoba Jenče, Hermana Bogdan and Boštjan Narat (Slovenia), Natalka Polovynka (Ukraine) and Svetlana Spajić (Serbia). Their footage is now abundantly rich and inspirational material from which the author will derive further processes of creating the final performance.

 Irena Tomažin is a dancer, choreographer and singer/ vocal performer that performs mostly in the dance-theater plays and on the concerts. She is author of seven solo performances and she collaborates with numerous choreographers and theater directors in Slovenia and abroad. She acquired most of her dancing experience with the Intact dance studio, the Ljubljana Dance Theatre and the educational programs Laboratory, Agon and Emanat, as well as taking part in numerous workshops in Slovenia and abroad, being part of a DanceWeb in 2004 and the Atelier/Grotowsky Institute in 2007.