The 54th October Salon – Experimental workshop by Saša Kerkoš

Compassion in Design?


Interactive presentation of research reasons

17.30h – 18.20h, 1st November, Nova Iskra, Gavrila Principa 43

Interactive lecture and experimental workshop

16h – 18h, 2nd November, 
Zepter Expo, Former RK Kluz, Masarikova 4

Since 2012, Saša Kerkoš has been dealing with the research of compassion trough different forms of experimental workshops and practices. She presented her work at the World Design Capital 2012 (Finland), as the TEDex talk experiment (Slovenia), the founded research project of non-verbal communication of emotions in the multi-touch environment the Aalto Media factory Helsinki as well as creative workshops with homeless people in Portland (USA) and with the children from the orphanages in Bali.

The short hands-on experimental workshop aims to map the compassion as driving force behind creative occupations and creative work-field. Short experimental exercises will take you on a journey to experience and meet with your own understanding of compassion in relation to your work, well-being and life-style.

Saša Kerkoš is a multi-task graphic designer and illustrator, art and creative director and collaborations initiator, working on a diverse range of projects that can improve creative and innovative ideas to build more tolerant sustainable and open environments. She currently works between Ljubljana, Helsinki and Bali. She is an initiator of the Slovenian contemporary illustration platform – Independent Biennial. She works towards open knowledge exchange and collaboration. At the moment she is passionately researching emotions, compassion and empathy in visual communication. She is author of the visual identity and design of the 54th October Salon.