The 54th October Salon and @Galerie Kullukcu, Munich – Exhibition by Margareta Kern


Margareta Kern’s solo exhibition GUESTures | GOSTIkulacije is a series of carefully staged performative archival interventions, a kind of ‘travelling archive’ which develops in constant and complex dialogue with the gallery visitors and with the ‘subjects’ of artist’s parallel research into the mass labour migration of the women workers from the socialist Yugoslavia to West Germany in the late 1960s. Questions around the visibility of archives, of those in the shadows of official histories, are closely entwined with Kern’s questioning of the relationship of image, narrative and performance, and the position of an artist as ethnographer and historiographer.

The central work in the exhibition, a double-screen video installation GUESTures | GOSTIkulacije was filmed with actress Adna Sablyich in artist’s studio in London. Inspired by the principles of political verbatim theatre, the script was based on audio-recordings of conversations between the migrant worker women in Berlin, and the artist. The resulting work both follows and subverts the impulse of the verbatim style to achieve a certain ‘ideal’ authenticity of expression, as each part of the video becomes as much a portrait of the women interviewed, as it is an invitation to consider and question the role and relationship of voice, testimony, document/ary, performance and the historical imaginary to the screen.

In Munich, the exhibition will be accompanied by a discussion with the artist Margareta Kern, theoretician Nanna Heidenreich and curators and theoreticians Natalie Bayer and Katja Kobolt. In addition, through the Munich exhibition and the workshop with migrant women (initiatives) the archive in question will be for the first time extended, the testimonies of the Munich based migrant women will become a part of the archive. The results of the workshops will be presented in a public ‘collective reading’, which is an opportunity to activate the ‘archive’ through a collaborative act of reading. This is an invitation to perform an ‘archive’ in an intimate and informal atmosphere, and through this process to open up the questions of voice and embodiment (of memories), and the role such a mobile ‘archive’ could play in production and/or subversion of historical authority.

GUESTures |  GOSTIkulacije 

an exhibition by Margareta Kern

9 – 14.11. 2013

Galerie Kullukcu, Schillerstr. 23/ 3., Munich

Saturday, 9. November 

7 pm: exhibition opening

8 pm: Spaces, Poetics and Politics of Counter-stories: a discussion on representations of migration history, with Margareta Kern, Nanna Heidenreich, Natalie Bayer / Polycity and Katja Kobolt / Red Min(e)d (in English)

10 pm: DJ Bülent

Sunday, 10. November 

4 pm – 6.30pm: workshop/collective reading with migrant women (initiatives). Apply to

7 pm: public collective reading from the archive

Tuesday, 12. November 

8 pm: a walk-through the exhibition with a curators Katja Kobolt  / Red Min(e)d

Thursday,  14. November 

8 pm: an artist talk by Margareta Kern

Produced by: Balkanet e.V.
Co-Produced by: Galerie Kullukcu; Red Min(e)d; Polycity
With the kind support by: Landeshauptstadt München Kulturreferat
The exhibition is part of the 54th October Salon, Belgrade, curated by Red Min(e)d