Living Archive as the Feminist Academic Course

Red Min(e)d together with Deuje Babe, Svetlana Maraš and students of the Fine Art Academy are inviting you for lectures, socialising, exhibition and sound performance.

at MOTA Point, Gosposvetka 12, Ljubljana,

Tuesday, May 5th – From the feminist bare life to curatorial practices

16.00 – 19.00
Jelena Petrović: Living Archive – (Non)exhibition practices and feminist principles
Katja Kobolt: Feminist curating beyond, in, against or for the canon, for the centre?
Danijela Dugandzić Živanović: Living Archive – art production in times of trouble
Dunja Kukovec: Living Archive – questions of contaminated knowledge and quantum paradigm

Wednesday, May 6th – Between individual work and collective practice

16.00 – 17.30
Jelena Petrović and Katja Kobolt: Presentation of the book No One Belongs Here More Than You
Danijela Dugandžić Živanović and Dunja Kukovec: Presentations of CRVENA and HoHo MM Lab

17.30 – 19.00
Tea Hvala and Janja Hiti: Deuje babe

Tea Hvala will together with Janja Hiti present the festival Deuje babe, which is since 2013 happening in Cerkno. The festival promotes “wild” artistic and socially engaged practices of girls and women to empower local community. The community is open for all, also for men, and by being potentially feminist is – through organizing and preparing the event, and even more through socializing and debates during the event – encouraging interpersonal relations and knowledge sharing between festival participants and general public in wider Cerkljansko area.

Thursday, May 7th – Frequencies and Waves of Communication

16.00 – 19.00
Red Min(e)d: Sound – (non)articulated spaces of social imagination, introduction

Svetlana Maraš: Where is my sound art?
participative performance and lecture

Participative performance of the piece Pendulum music (2010) is followed by the comparative analysis of this work and Pendulum music made in 1968 by Steve Reich. This introduces us to the works of conceptual artists and composers from the 1960s’s where we search for the origins of what we recognize today under the term “sound art”. Following the idea of early experimental music as an opposing force to traditional understanding of musicality at large, we are exposed to the examples from history that depict the increasing urge of introducing extra-musical elements in music, which was a driving force for the emergence of sound art.

Friday, May 8th

16.00 – 19.00
Presentations, artist talks, gathering with students of postgraduate programme Living Archive: Nika Ham, Elma Đelmo, Jasmina Grudnik, Martina Jurak, Mojca Mikolič

Svetlana Maraš: Sound performance

For years, she has been using sound as a tool for exploration of musical form, expression and meaning in the wider artistic context. She studied composition at Belgrade University of Art and Sound in New Media at Aalto University in Helsinki. Her works have been composed for and within various media. She is exploring the boundaries of musical being with realization of musical ideas through sound, text, physical object or digital technology. Her fascination with the relation of music and everyday object resulted in theoretical research Embodied composition: Treatment and meaning of physical object in experimental music and sound art that was a part of her graduate thesis at Media Lab, Helsinki.

The event is funded by Erste Foundation and WUS Austria.

Check who else supports us here and Press Release PDF here.

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