About the Project

Starting as The Bring In Take Out Living Archive aims at creating an interactive platform for sharing and collaborative work in the digital and public space, in which the politics of remembering, contemporary art and translation of feminist knowledge happen.

Red Min(e)d are using artistic, creative and research means and their intersecting strategies to create an event be it exhibition, laboratory and public archive of women artists and feminist art.

The main referential backgrounds are contemporary art, feminist theory and practice, as well as post/Yugoslav space which function like a polis as defined by Hannah Arendt: “The polis, properly speaking, is not the city-state in its physical location; it is the organization of the people as it arises out of acting and speaking together, and its true space lies between people living together for this purpose, no matter where they happen to be” (The Human Condition. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1958, p. 198.)

The LA tends to be transparent, socially engaged and methodologically innovative platform which gathers artists, researches and curators. The project evolves and processes through LA editions in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Vienna, Belgrade, Stockholm, Zurich and elsewhere. The concept further on develops with every new edition.

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