Perpetuum Mobile

Video works contributed by various artists.

Perpetuum Mobile is a compilation of video works as well as some other digitized art projects (photos, comics, texts). It is constantly growing and operates on the basis of invitation, experts’ or friends’ suggestion or continuous open-call (

It is an ongoing process, new materials and works are added all the time.

For further editions, we invite you to send or bring us your work in a digital format or to suggest other works that we should include in the Perpetuum Mobile.

Perpetuum Mobile is presented at each LA edition. We are always trying to find the most optimal (related to technical and space possibilities) and most appropriate (content-wise) way for its display.

Living archive of video works and photo, video, PDF and text documentation by:

Adela Jušić (Sarajevo)

Alenka Spacal (Ljubljana).

Ana Baraga (Ljubljana)

Ana Čigon (Ljubljana)

Ana Hoffner (Vienna)

Ana Hušman (Zagreb)

Andreja Dugandžić (Sarajevo)

Andreja Kulunčić (Subotica/Zagreb)

Armina Pilav (Venice/Sarajevo)

Dina Rončević (Zagreb)

Dragan Vojvodić (Sarajevo/Novi Sad)

Dragana Mladenović (Frankenberg/Pančevo) and Media Archeology

Dunja Blažević (Sarajevo)

Emina Kujundžić (Sarajevo)

Evelin Stermitz (Graz/Ljubljana)

Flaka Haliti (Prishtina/Munich/Vienna)

Gordana Anđelić Galić (Sarajevo)

Ivana Smiljanić (Belgrade)

Jelena Jureša (Belgrade)

Jovana Komnenić (Pančevo)

Lala Raščić (Sarajevo/New Orleans)

Lana Čmajčanin (Sarajevo)

Lina Dokuzović (Zagreb/Vienna)

Marina Gržinić and Aina Šmid (Ljubljana/Vienna)

Marko Tadić (Zagreb)

Milica Tomić (Belgrade)

Monika Ponjavić and Marina Radulj (Banja Luka)

Nada Prlja (Sarajevo/Skopje/London)

Nataša Teofilović (Pančevo)

Natasha Davis (London)

Nela Hasanbegović (Sarajevo)

Nela Milić (London)

Nika Autor (Maribor/Ljubljana/Vienna)

Nikoleta Marković (Rijeka/Belgrade)

Renata Poljak (Split/Paris)

Sarah Vanagt (Bruges/Brussels)

Tanja Ostojić (Berlin)

Tina Smrekar (Ljubljana)

Vahida Ramujkić (Belgrade) and Bojana Jelenić (Belgrade) and Dionis Escorsa (Tortosa/Barcelona)

Vanja Bučan (Nova Gorica/Amsterdam)

Important notice: for any material you will send either via email or snail mail, please send the email with basic information about yourself and your contribution on the with the subject PERPETUUM MOBILE. We are also kindly asking you to remind us if you know you have sent us material and your name is not listed. THANK YOU!

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