Bring In Take Out Living Archive (LA)
Interactive Contemporary Art Exhibition
March 7 − 10, 2012, Ljubljana

The second edition of the Bring In Take Out Living Archive is organized in collaboration with International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns (Ljubljana) and Center for Women Studies (Zagreb) in Alkatraz Gallery and Kapelica Gallery.

This edition consists of two exhibitions as live events. The artworks are emphasizing the archive as a paradigm for generating public space and new forms of socialization. In Alkatraz Gallery, the artworks and screenings are co-creating a laboratory for the exchange of information, where anyone can join in documenting reality, live interviews, artist talks, and digitalizing or uploading on the spot. Kapelica Gallery is hosting an interactive art project and public discussion on feminist strategies for the creation of an archive as living knowledge. Besides reversing the traditional representations of women and re-questioning invisible histories (of women migrant workers), we intend to weave – in accordance with Rosi Braidotti’s concept of “becoming” – the linkage across the present and the past in the act of constructing and actualizing possible futures.

With guerrilla action on the International Women’s Day we are calling for resistance movements against all forms of social repression and economic exploitation by remembering the famous slogan of the textile women workers’ strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts on 8th of March, 1912: We want bread, and roses too.

Alkatraz Gallery – transformed into a creative laboratory – presents: Perpetuum Mobile, a compilation of video works and other materials, an interactive art action by Vahida Ramujkuć and Aviv Kruglansky relating to the concept of an open archive as a paradigm for generating public space with new forms of socialization and two series of drawings by Vesna Bukovec discussing the representative aspect of contemporary feminism.

In Kapelica Gallery, the archival art project GUESTures by Margareta Kern is presented. Everyone is welcomed to access the content and, as a temporary archivist, even with the most modest gestures, to re-actualize the forgotten history by personal narratives of women guest-workers.

From March 7th to 10th, everyone is invited to join Vahida Ramujkić and Aviv Kruglansky for a collaborative constructing of a common tapestry. Through the common embroidery process, artists wish to document a reality without sketches or previous planning. The unique object shapes a kind of social fabric and experiments with new forms of socialization. Real-time documentary embroidery has so far been done on various occasions in: bars, streets and offices in the suburbs of Cairo, Bristol, Belgrade, Warsaw, Barcelona…


Perpetuum Mobile Video Screenings; Vahida Ramujkić (Belgrade) and Aviv Kruglansky (Barcelona): Real-time Documentary Embroidery; Vesna Bukovec (Ljubljana): Do You Not Want Me, Because I’m Critical and How To Fail Successfully

from Wednesday till Saturday, March 7–10, 4 pm–Midnight.

The embroidery office is open every day, Wednesday through Saturday, 4:30 pm–6 pm


Perpetuum Mobile, Vahida Ramujkić & Aviv Kruglansky, Vesna Bukovec

open until March 23rd

Alkatraz Gallery, Monday–Thursday: 11 am–3 pm & 4 pm–8 pm; Friday: 3 pm–11 pm

GUESTures by Margareta Kern (London)

exhibition open until March 14th

Kapelica Gallery, Monday–Friday: 10 am–5 pm

Daily Program:

Wednesday, March 7th, 4:30 pm, Alkatraz Gallery, AKC Metelkova

Vahida Ramujkić (Belgrade) & Aviv Kruglansky (Barcelona): Real-time Documentary Embroidery,

public presentation and introduction to the basic technique

Wednesday, March 7th, 9 pm, Kapelica Gallery, Kersnikova 4

Margareta Kern (London): GUESTures

exhibition opening and a walkthrough by the artist

Thursday, March 8th, 6 pm, Klub Gromka, AKC Metelkova

Ana Vilenica (Pančevo), Tanja Marković (Belgrade), Jelena Petrović (Ljubljana, Belgrade): Combative Women’s Celebration – Feminism as Politics of Equality For All

discussion and presentation of ProFemina and Uz)bu))na))) by Red Dawns, Workers’ & Punks’ University and Red Min(e)d

Friday, March 9th, 2 pm, Kapelica Gallery

Margareta Kern (London): Collective Reading From The Archive of Migrant Women Workers

Friday, March 9th, 6 pm, Kapelica Gallery

Biljana Kašić (Zagreb), Karen Mirza (London), Ida Hiršenfelder (Ljubljana): Creating the Feminist Archive Means Facing The Real to the Most Extent, public discussion

Download program here



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