Awards of the 54th October Salon

fotografija 2The Jury – Bojana Pejić, Dirck Möllmann and Vladimir Miladinović – decided to award 4 artists, of which the all four are given deserved honor and the forth one is getting the prize.

“We have chosen these three positions for a special award in order to relate three different artworks with each other, and by doing so we are making a slight comment on the curatorial concept we appreciate very much.

Three feminist works dealing with the women’s positioning in society are:

Flaka Haliti in her video installation ME, YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW/JA,TI I SVE KOJE ZNAMO has chosen a simple and convincing way to show at the same time ironically and seriously the structural violence of traditional hierarchies in the art world. It’s a strong piece of institutional critique.

Photo fljaka

Lana Čmajčanin 166987 PRICK / 166987 UBODA uses a traditional “feminine” technique of hand-crafting, the embroidery, to connect violence with desire by stitched letters, revealing a sexual meaning while reading the whole text. She creates for a moment a very intimate meeting of language and the visitors gaze.


Adela Jušić  RIDE THE RECOIL approaches  the brutal and deadly violence as a traumatic experience, which has to be re-worked again and again by the memory of an individual as well as a social collective process. She overdubs the narrative of a video game, a so-called ego-shooter with her own voice, staging a sniper-figure in his deadly profession, and combines the audio-track with a series of photographs of a little girl leaving a gate.


The prize goes to Andrea Palašti for her work BALKAN DISCO.

This installation visually and spatially explores popular culture, which is produced in a diaspora’s context which necessitates an acceptance of a “specific” or “new” life style.  This new context is heavily burdened with problems and issue ruling the context existing “back home”.  The staging of the installation with its iconic elements  (photographic portraits), and lightening criticizing  uncanny ideologies of nationalisms. “


The jury specially mentioned two collaborative and on-going projects Museum on Non-Participation by Karen Mirza and Rachel Anderson and Living Death Camp which is organized by the international team (Forensic Architecture Goldsmiths University, The Monument Group and the project Four Faces of Omarska).



The jury for the award of the Cultural Center Belgrade: Svetlana Petrović, Aleksandra Estela Bjelica Mladenović and Gordana Dobrić awarded Margareta Kern’s work: THE STATE OF/AND THE BODY from the animated video series: To Whom Does the World Belong?