Everyone is welcome to share the knowledge with us.  At this link you can fill the questionnaire (anonymously or not). We consider that only basic questions can provide in-depth answers in personal, poetic or expert sense.

What is feminism for you; How do you think feminism is manifested in art production, theory and curating nowadays; Which artists and/or artworks would you include into feminist archive in/from the postYugoslav space; What do you think would be important for the creation of feminist art archive (ways, methods, criteria, materials, etc.); Do you see distinction between feminist and gender-related art practices; How do you see your practice in the context of these questions?

For sharing the knowledge we would like to thank:

Ana Čigon, video, performance, new media artist (Štanjel/Ljubljana)

Ana Čigon, video, performance, new media artist (Štanjel/Ljubljana)

Ana Vilenica, art historian/theorist, curator, organiser (Belgrade)

Azra Husanović, cultural studies/art/linguistics (Vienna)

Biljana Kašić, university professor, theoretical activist (Zagreb/Zadar)

Borjana Mrđa, artist (Banja Luka)

Branka, artist, translater(Novi Sad)

Dunja Blaževićart historian, curator (Sarajevo)

Ajla Demiragić (Sarajevo)

Glaxia, artist (Vienna),

Ida Hiršenfelder, media arts (Ljubljana)

Jelena Jelača, artist (Belgrade)

Ksenija Forca, human rights activist (Belgrade)

Lala Raščić, artist (Sarajevo/Zagreb/New Orleans)

Lejla Somun-Krupalija, researcher and freelancer (Sarajevo)

Lidija Radojević, academic, grassroots (Ljubljana)

Maja Bogojević, Professor/Media & Film (Podgorica)

Marina Gržinić, artist, philosopher, professor (Ljubljana/Vienna)

Maša Hilčišin, documentary film & video maker (Sarajevo/Prague)

Merima Jašarević, teacher assistant; sociologist of culture and art (Gradačac/Mostar)

Nade Kachakova, lawyer (Skopje)

Nela Milić, artist (London)

Nina Bunjevac, comic author, illustrator (Toronto)

Rada Borić, executive director/women’s studies (Zagreb)

Sanja, assistant researcher, anthropologist, (Zagreb)

Sarah Diehl, writer and filmmaker (Berlin)

Slađana Mitrović, researcher, artist (Ljubljana)

Tanja Marković, artist, peace and queer activist, feminist (Belgrade)

Tanja Miletić Oručević, theatre director and academic (Mostar/Brno)

Tatjana Marjanović, program coordinator in the NGO sector (Split)

Tea Hvala, writing, publishing, organising (Ljubljana)

Vahida Ramujkić, artist (Belgrade/Barcelona)


  1. For instances A woman existence is highly different to a male’s; we women ward the gates of the cosmos/universe created by God, the God which is inside all of us, that makes us exist and be who we are, the religion of the truth and life, nature it self without pedestals. Art (for me) is a mere constellation of stars, the explanation of a mathematical co-ordinate that would express a concept or solution; through plastic or media, the a reflexion about a reality performed in this world.
    Women are more accurate to reach a purest point of expression cause the woman is the mother of life, therefor the mother of God as well.

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